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From Anna Sui!

"Inspired by the song "Claire de Lune", which means under the moonlight. This look focuses on applying light, reflective, and shimmery colors to accent the high points of the face to focus.

To create the look, start by keeping the brows structured but soft. Then imagine the illusion of you emerging from the water while the moon is reflecting on the surface. A "silver" palette would look awesome as the inspiration. A cream textured formula will give you the same molten effect. To counter balance all the metallic colors, a pretty pink for the lips would be perfect.

Tip: For a quick but modern viewpoint on the look, draw a thick line of silver or metallic gray along your top lashes and run a brush over it to blend the color up to your lids. Or you can even try smudging a silver cream eye shadow like Anna Sui's Multi Glitter 002.?/p>

- Jocelyn Zayco, Anna Sui Cosmetics National Makeup Artist 

Create the look! by Anna Sui Cosmetics

Learn how to recreate Anna Sui's moonlit metallic look! 

Create the look!

1. To get illuminating skin, prep it with the Brightening Face Powder

2. Apply Liquid Foundation  

3. On the eyelids- place Eye & Face Color P002 all over and add it on the outer edges to deepen and add a "lift" to the eyes 

4. On the contour bone or "orbital bone" to contour and shape the eye ?Eye & Face Color A700 - it's a soft color that will add a hint of definition

5. On the brow bone Eye & Face Color P001

6. On the inside water-well of the eye - use the Lasting Color Eyeliner WP002

7. On top as an actual eyeliner use Lasting Color Eyeliner WP100 

8. Apply Face Color 600 on the apple of the cheeks 

9. Apply Eye & Face Color P800 on the cheek bone to highlight the cheeks

10. Lips  - Apply Lip Rouge 301 

11. Brows ?Apply Eyebrow & Eyelash Mascara 800 

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