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For Spring 2017, my inspiration was American Folk Art. There is always an underlying spirit of pop-culture Americana behind everything I do – and for this season I particularly wanted to revisit my roots and celebrate that.

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Not everyone can wear blue. Especially a blue that's rich, vivid, and saturated, as ones on the eyelids of Bella, Gigi, Kendall. However, to emulate the look from runway to real life, we suggest using these colors:

1. Start by prepping the eyelid with Anna Sui Spot Concealer to make the colors appear more vivid. 

2. Anna Sui's Eye & Face Color V100 is a dark blue shade recommended to be a wearable version of the runway look. With a large square eyeshadow brush and by using the flat side – pat down Shade V100 slowly, layering the amount for intensity. Take your time layering to prevent any spills falling on your cheeks or under the eyes. {Artists' tip: add some loose powder under the eye to catch any spills. After the eye application, brush out the loose powder from under the eye. while doing this technique}

3. Then add Eye & Face Color V900 on top of the V100 to give it intensity and that jewel tone.

4. Line the top eye with Anna's Pencil Eye liner WP100 {deep blue} on the top lid only and smudge to add more depth.

5. Finish with the Curl & Volume Mascara, {black or blue} on the top lashes only.

6. No eyebrow products were applied on the brows.

7. Lips – apply Anna's Lipstick V402 with a lip brush {no pencil}

8. No gloss – the lip color should appear matte and rich.

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