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About the look! by Perfect365 Beauty Squad
About the look!

It's finally October, so we'd like to demonstrate a look dedicated to our favorite flavor of the season: Pumpkin Spice! Created by our very own makeup artist Krista McAulay, this look is going to call for lots of warm brown and orange tones!

Create the look! by Perfect365 Beauty Squad
Create the look!
  1. Prep eyelid with primer.
  2. Apply crease color in a medium orange shade, then blend.
  3. Apply dark brown shade to deepen the crease, then add the color to the inner and outer corners of the bottom lid, leaving a space in the middle of the lid. Blend it out with a fluffy blending brush.
  4. Pat the bright orange shade in the middle of the lid.
  5. Draw a line with a dark brown eyeliner on the lower lash line, then smudge with a small pencil brush.
  6. Apply a medium brown eyeliner to the lower waterline. I added a bit of black eyeliner on top also to deepen the color. Dipping a pencil brush into a rusty orange shade, I blended it into the liner I applied in step 5. Dip a small flat eyeshadow brush into the gold pigment and lightly pat on top of the orange color in the middle of the lid. Apply a small amount of pigment to the inner corner of the eyes. 
  7. Apply black liquid liner to the top lid, extend it into a winged liner look. Apply mascara on top and bottom lashes. Apply lash glue to your lashes and apply to top lashes.

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