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From Anna Sui!

"There is something utterly fantastic about using an all blue palette and adding in some smoky, in some cases to amplify the pop of color. Baby, icy, or light silvery blues shimmer as the shadows create an ethereal look. It is sexy and mysterious. 

To create a more exciting make-up on brown eyes use blue eye shadow. Referring to a little color theory, blue brings out the "golden" hues or warm tones when placed next to brown (blue is the opposite of orange on the color wheel and opposite colors bring out the vibrancy more when side by side)."

- Jocelyn Zayco, Anna Sui Cosmetics National Makeup Artist

Create the look! by Anna Sui Cosmetics

Learn to recreate this fresh, bold look!

Create the look!

For a more natural finish on the skin, apply BB cream. 

1. Start with V900 on the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye 

2. Smudge V001 underneath 

3. Apply F100 goes on the inner corner of top eyelid 

4. Apply P100 on the tear duct 

5. Apply Pencil Eye Liner WP 001 on the waterline top and bottom.

Tip: Use a color lighter than your own natural brow tone to soften the brows and to balance the heavy smoky eye ( Using Eyebrow Liner N 500) 

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