DIY Crystal Cat Ears Hat by Ashley DeFrancesco

This was a suppppperr cute fun DIY!! Hope you guys loved this as much as I did!!

I purchased everything at the Michael's right by my house and this DIY costed me less than 12 dollars!

Let me know what you would like to see next!

Freckle Glam Makeup! by Ashley DeFrancesco

Did a quick mini tutorial on my Instagram where I create this cute freckle glam makeup!

Freckle Glam Makeup!
Pinks and Grays by Ashley DeFrancesco

Pink and gray themed outfit<3 Check out my Instagram for more details!

Pinks and Grays
Contour and Highlight by Ashley DeFrancesco
A mini clip on how I contour and highlight!
Contour and Highlight
Glam Glitter Clown Halloween Makeup by Ashley DeFrancesco

A look that's perfectly glam for Halloween, the Glam Glitter Clown!

Glam Glitter Clown Halloween Makeup
Glitter Lips! by Ashley DeFrancesco
A fun gray lip with enough glitter to make you sparkle throughout the day and night!
Glitter Lips!
Green Fairy Look! by Ashley DeFrancesco

I created this fun green fairy look! Watch my mini tutorial to get the details and become your own fairy.

Green Fairy Look!
Random Facts About Me by Ashley DeFrancesco

Hey loves! Just decided to do this since you get to learn a bit more about me!

Bronzed Vibes by Ashley DeFrancesco

Bronzed vibezzzzz! Love this @nyxcosmetics liquid suede in "Orange County"

Bronzed Vibes
Huda Beauty by Ashley DeFrancesco
Huda Beauty

Loving my hudabeauty liquid mattes!!!! I'm wearing "Flirt" & "Venus" mixed. I love this combo !!! This matte liquid lippy is seriously the best formula, I'm obsessed !!! It's creamy and not flakey or creasy at ALLLLL!!!! My lashes are also hudabeauty in "Sasha".

Freckle Tutorial by Ashley DeFrancesco

Check out this mini freckle tutorial. It's super easy and cute!

Freckle Tutorial
Ardell Glamour Wispies by Ashley DeFrancesco

These lashes look so natural but it makes you feel glamorous and ready for anything.

Ardell Glamour Wispies

I love to wear these alot and I wore them in my "Bubble Gum" look!

Glitter Crease by Ashley DeFrancesco
Glitter Crease

The glitter crease trend is so fun and unique! I tried it out and it looks so good, and adds that special touch.

Drugstore Products: Contour and Highlight by Ashley DeFrancesco

I created a video on contouring and highlighting with drugstore brands! You definitely don't have to break the bank to get some awesome makeup products.

BBGIRL look by Ashley DeFrancesco

Pink on pink on pink! It's fun, flirty, and the best part is, it's pink.


"Put a twist on your usual smoky eye routine with this bold purple eye look! Shades of..."


"Pink is the name of this look's game! Perfect for highlighting..."

Peach Edge

"This edgy design blends hardcore crease realness with..."

Soft Gold